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Neil Baumgardner writes,

>No, I dont mean class names, I mean individual ship names. For example,
>there's the Siegfried and Valkyrie from 0080.

  The Japanese fan site "Gundam Millennium" has a pretty exhaustive
listing of ship names - see <> or
<> to go directly to the
listings. There are a _whole_ lot of 'em.

>For that matter, do we know the name 'prefix' (cant think of the correct
>like USS for the Federation or Zeon? Let's see, how about UNS for the
Feds and
>DZS for Zeon?

  No idea there. The only official ship designation is MSC-07 for the
Albion, obviously indicating it's the 7th Federation mobile suit carrier.
The new MSV Collection File throws out guesses for both sides, generally
the familiar "BB" and "CV" with or without an "S" for "space" attached.

  I know that's not quite what you were asking, but it seemed like a
related topic. ;-)

  If I were guessing prefixes - for a game or fanfic, say - I'd probably
posit "EFSS" for the Federation ("Earth Federation Space Ship," akin to
the Sunrise-sanctioned "Earth Federation Space Force"). As for Zeon,
well, they're officially a principality these days...

-- Mark

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