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>Um... Where is the Thorn Garden?
>>From the 0083 animation it looks like
>it is behind the moon, when Delaz and
>Gato are talking with Cima, she leaves
>to 'prove herself' and the diagram on
>the wall looks like they are behind the
>moon (the big sphere) on the opposite
>side from the Earth (the little sphere)
>Assuming of course the sensor diagram
>was done in perspective.
>We always see them working on a colony
>in Thorngarden, is that where the Side 3
>colony corp was rebuilding the colonies?

The Thorn Garden is located in the Shoal Zone, the debris field in L1
created by the total destruction of Side 5 during the Battle of Raum, on 15
January 0079, before the Antarctic Treaty and thus subject to NBC
warfare. The Federation fleet that engaged in that battle was annihilated,
along with every colony cylinder in Side 5 and all 2.5 billion
inhabitants. Texas colony, also in Side 5, is thus somewhat exceptional,
although one could argue that it's severely enough damaged to be only
marginally habitable, and that only by die-hards who won't give up on the

L1 is about 60,000 kilometers this side of the Moon on a line directly
between the Moon and the Earth. Sometime between Gundam (0079) and Z
Gundam (0087), Side 5 moves to L4 and Side 4 moves to L1 and the Shoal Zone
seems to be gone. Later still, Side 4 (L1) becomes the Frontier Side.

The Colony Reclamation Project is something else. Transfer of repairable
colonies from Side 4 (L5) to Side 3 (L2) was begun in May 0082. Transfer
of repairable colonies from Side 1 (L5) to Side 3 (L3) was begun on 1
November 0083, but one pair of the colonies, Island Blade and Island Ease,
were hijacked by the Cima fleet. Island Ease fell toward the Moon and was
later diverted to the Earth, while Island Blade went off into the great


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