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Neil Baumgardner writes,

>Mind you, we see at least three versions of Musai, or flights as I'd like to
>call them to borrow a U.S. naval term - the originals, the Siegfried
type from
>0080 (which are more than simple retcons as they have two turrets instead of
>three), and the Delaz fleet ones (or are they simple upgrades?). Did I miss

  Actually, during the One Year War, the Zeons switched from a
three-turret to a two-turret version of the Musai (the latter model had
fewer, but more powerful, cannons). The Siegfried model follows suit,
though it's otherwise pretty funky-looking. The version in 0083, on the
other hand, is bristling with little gun turrets...

  Postwar, we also get the Musai Kai seen in Z Gundam, which is used by
the Zeon Republic.

>Are there any differences in the ones seen breifly in 08th MS Team, or are
>they simply retcons (ie simply more detailed) of the originals.

  They look the same as the old versions...

>BTW, anyone got a list of ship names (all types, Fed and Zeon) used in MSG,
>0080, 0083 and 08th MS Team (if any)?

  Yeah, see the characters & mechanics index for each series on the
Gundam Project site.

>Also, any idea of numbers, such as how many Musai were produced, etc.

  Entertainment Bible 39 and Hobby Japan's Gundam RPG supplement list a
peak strength of about 100 Musais, 40 Chibes, and 8 Gwazins at the start
of the One Year War. That's not allowing for the ongoing destruction and
construction of ships during the war, or course. We can probably assume
that no Chibes were constructed after the war began, only Musais...

-- Mark

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