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> From: Roger Harkavy
> Checking out the list server, browsing posts, and I
> see Mark ask the question, "So can anybody guess who
> Gingaham's family are descended from...?"
> So, like some antsy grade school kid, I throw my hand
> in the air and go "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! There was a guy who
> lead the League Militaire named Jinn Gehennam! Could
> he be related?"

Hum... Usso is NOT going to use his father's alias. Doing that would be
like Char reclaiming Zeon Daikum's name to star a war in CCA, which is not
what Usso want at the end of V Gundam. At that junction, peace and quiet is
all he want from the world. Besides, he settled on Earth, not in the

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