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> Mark Simmons wrote:
> > Paul Fields asks,
> >
> > > Um... Where is the Thorn Garden?
> >
> > It's in front of the moon, in the area that was formerly Side
> 5. (Which
> > means, yes, the Texas Colony is in the same debris-strewn area.)
> This is also known as the Shoal Zone because of its position
> between the Earth
> and the Moon right? BTW, another question, does the Zeta era Side
> renumbering
> have anything to do with the Colony Reclamation Project?

Well, it is one theory that the OYW era Colony naming convention changed
with the Colony Reclamation Project by transfering empty cylanders (Gas
attacked) from the ravaged Side 4 to Side 3, and basically reshuffle the
rest of the cylanders. Side 5, which for all practical purpose is
completely destroyed is re-named Side 4, with side 4 and 6 getting different
desination. The new Side 4 is eventually renamed into Frontier side, and
partially reconstructed during the F91 era.

> For that matter, what is meant by the following in the timeline
> and does it
> have any relation to the above?:
> "_After the reorganization of each Side_, the Federation Assembly declares
> that the status quo of the Earth sphere will be maintained."

After the trouble that went into re-org the sides (it cost money and fuel to
move the cylanders), they basically don't want to do this again. It also
give them the opportunity to nullified the defacto independence of Side 6
(it was one of the side that got reorged, which doesn't make sense unless it
is a power grab by Federation. It is the least damaged colony in the entire
Earth Sphere during OYW outside of Side 3.)

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