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Mon, 10 Jan 2000 22:20:33 -0500

Mark Simmons wrote:

> Paul Fields asks,
> > Um... Where is the Thorn Garden?
> It's in front of the moon, in the area that was formerly Side 5. (Which
> means, yes, the Texas Colony is in the same debris-strewn area.)

This is also known as the Shoal Zone because of its position between the Earth
and the Moon right? BTW, another question, does the Zeta era Side renumbering
have anything to do with the Colony Reclamation Project?

For that matter, what is meant by the following in the timeline and does it
have any relation to the above?:

"_After the reorganization of each Side_, the Federation Assembly declares
that the status quo of the Earth sphere will be maintained."

Neil Baumgardner
(BTW, Paul, your line of questioning re: Thorn Garden is getting a little too
close for my comfort if you know what I mean.... ;)

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