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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Paul Fields asks,
> > I was re-watching 0083, and came up with
> > a question, what is the normal Zaku, Dom
> > or Gelgoog compliment of a Musai?
> >
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> The standard complement is three mobile suits - the Musais seen in 0083
> are heavily modified, with the mobile suits stacked horizontally and
> catapulted out of the front, whereas the traditional Musai has three mobile
> suits standing up and launched out of the back.

Mind you, we see at least three versions of Musai, or flights as I'd like to
call them to borrow a U.S. naval term - the originals, the Siegfried type from
0080 (which are more than simple retcons as they have two turrets instead of
three), and the Delaz fleet ones (or are they simple upgrades?). Did I miss any?
Are there any differences in the ones seen breifly in 08th MS Team, or are they
simply retcons (ie simply more detailed) of the originals.

BTW, anyone got a list of ship names (all types, Fed and Zeon) used in MSG,
0080, 0083 and 08th MS Team (if any)? Also, any idea of numbers, such as how
many Musai were produced, etc.

The only indication I get of the latter is that the Siegfried from 0080 is
number 101, while the Valkyrie is numbered 103, leading me to assume that at
least as many were commissioned. OTOH, the numbering of the Ucons (sp?) is just
a little more problematic - the one in 0080 being U-99, while the one in 0083 is

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