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> << and not to mention the Gog in the TV series. >>
> What did the Gog do in the original series?
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In the TV series, after the White Base arrives at the Federation base at
Belfast, Char heads to Boone's sub in the Sea Lance from the Mad Angler,
meanwhile Boone orders an attack on the White Base to impress Char. This
first attack was omitted from the movies but parts of it were cut and
pasted with the second attack which was shown in the second movie.
Amuro's battle against the two Gogs piloted by no-name pilots took about
half the episode.

Boone's sub launches a support missile attack while two Gogs approach the
base underwater. The two Gogs then appear on land and starts
systematically destroying the Federation tanks and gun batteries, none of
the Federation weapons having any effect on the Gogs, even at point blank

The beam rifle is being repaired and Amuro in the Gundam launches
equipped with the 'Hyper Hammer' (A newly improved rocket powered version
of the 'Ball & Mace' weapon seen in the first movie) but he is unable to
do much against Gog#1. Gundam's vulcans are useless against the Gog's
thick armour and Amuro eventually get a direct hit with the hyper hammer
but it only knocks the Gog back without any damage. Amuro's second
attempt with the hammer results in the ball part being caught by the Gog
and the weapon is ripped free from the Gundam's hand. Amuro is unable to
close in on the Gog and is forced to run around with the shield to avoid
being hit. Amuro escapes, returns to base and reappears in the G-Bull
with Sayla ( A tank type vehicle which contains the top half of Gundam
and makes up the top part of G-Armour). The Gog#1 pilot is initially
shocked by the sight of the G-Bull but then becomes a little
overconfident and is quickly destroyed by the G-Bull's powerful beam
weapon (The Gog should have easily destroyed the G-Bull). The Gog#2 pilot
sees this, and decides to draw the Gundam into the sea where the Gog is
much more manoeuvreable(English spelling). The G-Bull then docks with the
lower part of the G-Armour containing the Gundam's waist and legs, to
complete the G-Armour. The now complete Gundam is then quickly released
from the G-Armour and pursues Gog#2 underwater while Sayla provides cover
from the air in the G-Fighter (G-Armour without Gundam).

Gundam is promptly attacked by the speedy Gog and it' s head is pierced
by the Gog's claws in the initial attacking run. Gundam then manages to
avoid topedoes fired from the Gog but on the third attack Gundam's head
is held by the Gog's two claws and Gundam is helplessly pulled through
the water at high speed while wildly waving the beam sabre. Amuro begins
to lose the view from the main camera and as the Gog pilot contemplates
delivering the finale blow with the beam weapon, Amuro sticks one of the
beam sabres into the Gog's monoeye and while the Gog is distracted,
slices it in half across the mid-section with the other beam sabre. (The
Gog#2 pilot should have easily defeated Gundam if he had just fired the
beam weapon... )

In the TV series Char arrives on Boone's sub after both the Gogs have
been destroyed, whereas in the movie Char gets there before any attack


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