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Jason asks,

> So what is the secret? I mean you wouldn't have mentioned it if you weren't
> tempted to tell?

  Very astute. Let me throw in some spoiler space...


So yes, the time is nigh for the fabled Turn X to make its debut. At this
point in the story our heroes have made it into space, catapulted up into
orbit by the mighty Zakkutraiger. They're en route to the moon, so that
Queen Diana Sorel can sort things out, but first they must fight their way
past the forces of...

  ...Gim Gingaham, one part of the Moonrace's governing triumvirate.
Apparently, for thousands of years, the Moonrace have split the leadership
role between three families. The Sorel family are the spiritual leaders, the
valorous Gingahams are the military leaders, and I think the third clan
(currently represented by the shadowy Agrippa Mantenar) are the politicians.
While Queen Diana was occupied on Earth, Gingaham and Mantenar have been
conspiring to eliminate her role.

  Anyway, in addition to the usual high-tech Moonrace hardware (e.g. the
mass-produced mobile suit Mahiro), Gingaham has his own legacy of the Dark
History. This is the Turn X, a sibling of the Turn A that was excavated from
the moon's own fossil mobile suit deposits. (And there's apparently one more
such excavated mobile suit in the wings, the mysterious Bandeetz.)

  So what's the Turn X all about? Well, it's a weapon from head to foot -
literally. Like the Zeong, it separates into several psycommu-controlled
modules - nine in all, including two legs, two shoulders, two hands, and
sundry torso components. Each module is armed, and it carries various hand
weapons in the rack on its back. As for the strange right hand: It's
identified as a "weld-off and destruction manipulator" in the kit manual,
but as Comic BomBom puts it, it's basically the Shining Finger.

-- Mark

  P.S. So can anybody guess who Gingaham's family are descended from...? :-)

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