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Hmmmm... so compliment varies by the
modifications to the bay, or were the
Musai that got seen in 0083 maybe the
latest from 0079 and carried them that
way as opposed to Musai models from
0075 that didn't even know exactly how
big the final MS were going to be.


>From: Mark Simmons <>
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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Musai Storage
>Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 15:51:05 -0800
>Paul Fields asks,
> > I was re-watching 0083, and came up with
> > a question, what is the normal Zaku, Dom
> > or Gelgoog compliment of a Musai?
> >
> > From 0083 it looks as if we can stack two
> > MS on each side of the bay for 4. Earlier
> > last year it was also decided that one MS
> > could fit inside the Komusai
> The standard complement is three mobile suits - the Musais seen in 0083
>are heavily modified, with the mobile suits stacked horizontally and
>catapulted out of the front, whereas the traditional Musai has three mobile
>suits standing up and launched out of the back.
> The KoMusai can be used for storage too, and it's been claimed that it
>hold up to two mobile suits. In fact, Char's dialogue early in the original
>Gundam series suggests that this is the case - he'd already lost a mobile
>suit before the attack on Side 7, so his Musai must have carried five at
>some point.
>-- Mark
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