Paul Fields (
Mon, 10 Jan 2000 18:51:14 EST

See I'm not sure I buy that, if he could
have gotten close enough, they would have
tried to nab the pilot, not the machine.

Save the man if you can, if you can get
both its even better.

The Komusai didn't look much bigger than
Char's Zaku when they retrieved him, thats
all, without some hard evidence I'll just
think they were trying to save the pilot.


>Subject: Re: [gundam] Musai Storage
>Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 18:40:21 EST
>In a message dated Mon, 10 Jan 2000 6:29:48 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>"Paul Fields" <> writes:
> > I was re-watching 0083, and came up with
> > a question, what is the normal Zaku, Dom
> > or Gelgoog compliment of a Musai?
> >
> > From 0083 it looks as if we can stack two
> > MS on each side of the bay for 4. Earlier
> > last year it was also decided that one MS
> > could fit inside the Komusai, you couldn't
> > deploy the MS in the Komusai, but if you
> > had time to launch the Komusai, deploy the
> > MS, and then reclaim both units, it could
> > be a way of keeping an extra around just
> > in case.
> >
> > Questions, or opinions?
> >
> > Paul
>Well I'd say that at least 2 Mobile Suits could fit in a Komusai. If it
>was impossible to fit more then one, Char would never have tried to get the
>pilot, who ended up burning on re-entry, to join him on the Komusai.
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