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> I was re-watching 0083, and came up with
> a question, what is the normal Zaku, Dom
> or Gelgoog compliment of a Musai?
> From 0083 it looks as if we can stack two
> MS on each side of the bay for 4. Earlier
> last year it was also decided that one MS
> could fit inside the Komusai, you couldn't
> deploy the MS in the Komusai, but if you
> had time to launch the Komusai, deploy the
> MS, and then reclaim both units, it could
> be a way of keeping an extra around just
> in case.
> Questions, or opinions?
> Paul

Well I'd say that at least 2 Mobile Suits could fit in a Komusai. If it was impossible to fit more then one, Char would never have tried to get the pilot, who ended up burning on re-entry, to join him on the Komusai.


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