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Mon, 10 Jan 2000 14:12:12 -0800

>Good point, but I always just thought that that was a part that Amuro threw
>away in frustration due the fact that his dad didn't give a crap for him. I
>really don't remember seeing Tem Ray being sucked out of side 7, since I saw
>it a long time ago, anyways being sucked out of a colony would give you
>oxygen deprivation ? I thought being exposed to space would make you explode
>because of the pressure within your body or at least freeze you to death, how
>was Tem Ray saved from side 7?
>- Roger

He had a normal suit on (remember the scene where Tem saw Amuro and yells
at him "What are you doing here? Get into the shelter now!") and after the
Gundam sliced the first Zaku in halves, you see 2 guys in normal suits being
sucked out of the colony because of the new hole the explosion created. The
normal suit saved him from extreme temperature but didn't save him from lack
of oxygen as he was out in space for too long until rescued.

There was no animated scene showing Tem was rescued but there might be some
write-up on it in a Rapport Deluxe or New Type 100% books.


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