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>Probably nothing. Amuro himself was an electronics expert, and could see
>that the thing was junk. Besides, Tem was suffering from the after effects
>of the oxygen deprivation that he had fallen victim to when he was sucked
>out of Size 7. While he was aware, his sanity was at least partially

Good point, but I always just thought that that was a part that Amuro threw
away in frustration due the fact that his dad didn't give a crap for him. I
really don't remember seeing Tem Ray being sucked out of side 7, since I saw
it a long time ago, anyways being sucked out of a colony would give you
oxygen deprivation ? I thought being exposed to space would make you explode
because of the pressure within your body or at least freeze you to death, how
was Tem Ray saved from side 7?

- Roger

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