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> > Wow. Can you give me some info on the Puru clones?
> > Their story? It's so interesting.
> The ZZ's story synopsis on Gundam Project has all you
> need to know about the Purus and more:
> The inconsistencies of ZZ's story can make the
> audiences jumpy. E.g., Gremmi was a fool in the first
> half of the story, how he suddenly got the Giren rush
> over his head and kept an army of Puru clones
> beforehand, mass-prod Quebeley(s) and has everything
> ready for revolt against Haman, etc., the show never
> explained. But to me, as an artifically-enhanced
> newtype, Puru (the first one) showed the promise where
> others have failed (the other a-e NT that made it was
> the 'Iron Mask' from F91)

I would hardly call Peru and Peru II ideal. They were both highly unstable.
Aleast Iron Mask retained his higher stragetic thinking function. (He might
have already been mad to began with though).

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