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> I think you got it backward. Gundam is a prototype data gathering
> As such, it has a learning computer that basically learns Amuro's moves
> tactics, which are highly effective. These combat information is then
> into the mass produced GM, which gives the GM pilots a leg up on
> more experienced Zeon pilots (though by then, Zeon was relying on student
> recruits, while Federation is populating GM with pilots with combat
> experience, albeit no MS experience.) All Amuro had at the beganning of
> show is a instructional manual on how to move the mobile suit.

As shown in the series time and time again, the Gundam's
computer advantages are two-fold. One there is a learning
computer that gathers pilot moves, and those are entered
into GMs from that point on. These moves are later turned
off by pilots like South Burning who thought it hampered

Second it has a macro like system where you can tell it to
walk back to base, or whatever, and it will do that. Some
basic moves like STAND-UP were already in the Gundam.
Amuro only had the manual, but he was in a mobile suit his
father designed to be easy to use, that was supposed to be
the Federation edge in winning the war.

Now if only GMs had a real pilot like Yu Kajima's moves
as the master template maybe they wouldn't feel restrained
by the combat computer.


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