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Mon, 10 Jan 2000 01:13:03 -0800

>I'm trying to find V2 Assault Gundam HG 1/100 model,
>HLJ doesn't sell it anymore, I've looked all over the
>net and can't find it, anyone can help me?
>thanks in advance.

Try Rainbow Ten:

    Organization:RAINBOW TEN limited co.
            Name:Hitoshi Mochizuki
   Order address: order@mail.wbs.ne.jp
Question,Inquiry: wbs01077@mail.wbs.ne.jp

They are a good alternative to HLJ because they do a much
better job on packaging your kits for shipping than HLJ.
Since the original owner gave the company up to run the
family business, they have set up an ordering system
that is not very customer friendly, and they've stopped
taking special order requests. If you can't find the
kit in their inventory list, you can e-mail them and see
if they expect to get the kit soon.

If you have had no luck with Rainbow Ten, and you need
the kit desperately and are ready to pay big bucks for
it, then try Legends at:


I don't remember seeing the kit in the store for a while
but they might have one in the warehouse. They just got a
bunch of MG ZZ, MG GM Custom, MG GM Quel, MG Zaku II coated,
MG GP-02A coated, FG Zaku II, and HGUC Zugock in stock, but
the price is on the expensive side... their online price is
roughly 1.5 times that of Japanese retail price.

If nobody has it and you are willing to wait... I think I've
got a few of those in my garage, but I have no idea where it
is - there are over 200 boxes to search from and I haven't
even started.


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