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John Kwok wrote:

> I don't see any MS that the Jions have that was better than the RX-78-2 even
> towards the end of the one year war. Even in the hands of an ace like Char
> the Gelgogg was soundly defeated in one-on-one combat. It was only the
> experimental Newtype MAs like the Elmeth and the Bra-Brow that necessitated
> the Magenet Coating upgrade to the RX-78. It was only the experimental
> Ziongg that managed to fight Gundam to a draw. But in terms of MS I beleive
> the RX-78 was still the best of breed.
> I, for one, was really disappointed that Gato did not pilot a Perfect Ziongg
> against Kou's RX-78 GP03. NOW that would be a "rematch" I'd want to see!

In terms of mobile suit technology, the Zeons were considered to be ten years
ahead of the Federation. The Zeons engineers had far superior knowledge when it
came to building mobile suits, and that's why many were working for Anaheim
Electronics after the OYW, this point is emphasised in mobile suits found in Z
Gundam eg Rick Dias(ex-Zeon engineers) vs Hizack(Federation engineers) and to
an extent in 0083 (GP02 and Gerbera Tetra development team were mostly ex-Zeon).

The Gelgoog was Zeon's answer to the Gundam, and I think it matches up
performance wise. Char was never 'soundly defeated' by the Gundam in one-on-one
combat. It was Char's misfortune that he encountered the Gundam in his first
sortie in the Gelgoog at Texas colony, and he was a little upset that he had to
be in a MS that he wasn't use to ,and an improperly calibrated one at that. Both
the Gundam and the Gelgoog suffered damage in that battle. Also the second time
around, he only got his arm chopped off and that was because he paused to
prevent killing his sister. Neither confrontations suggest that Gundam 'soundly
defeated' the Gelgoog piloted by an newtype ace. Remember that Char had no
trouble fighting the Gundam in his Zaku,:except penetrating the armour, and the
Gelgoog is far superior to the Zaku. Also Ranba Ral's Gouf gave Amuro a lot of
trouble and Amuro's eventual victory can't really be attributed to Gundam's
superiority, and not to mention the Gog in the TV series.

The magnet coating upgrade to the Gundam wasn't necessitated by the appearance
of powerful Zeon MAs but rather it was a quick-fix solution to increase Gundam's
response time to better match Amuro's increased reaction times.

I was initially disappointed when Gato got a MA. Apart from the obvious, it just
doesn't seem the same as a MS does it ? But Gato in a Perfect Ziong wouldn't
have a chance against Kou in the GP03 Orchid, and it probably wouldn't be fair
to Kou if it was just the Stamen. Also Gato isn't a newtype so he wouldn't be
able to use the Ziong's all-range attack, and even if it used an INCOM type
system for non-newtypes, it wouldn't have been very good in 0083.


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