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> > Are you sure? Wasn't Amuro's Newtype ability the edge he used
> in piloting
> the
> > Gundam for the first time sucessfully against two Zakus?
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> NO. The Gundam has an educational computer program that helps
> newbie pilots
> plus Amuro is a gifted electronics geek that helped him understand the
> controls. I'd wouldn't say ripping off a Zaku's nose as manifesting his
> newtype abilities!

I think you got it backward. Gundam is a prototype data gathering machine.
As such, it has a learning computer that basically learns Amuro's moves and
tactics, which are highly effective. These combat information is then feed
into the mass produced GM, which gives the GM pilots a leg up on supposedly
more experienced Zeon pilots (though by then, Zeon was relying on student
recruits, while Federation is populating GM with pilots with combat
experience, albeit no MS experience.) All Amuro had at the beganning of the
show is a instructional manual on how to move the mobile suit.

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