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> From: John Kwok
> I don't see any MS that the Jions have that was better than the
> RX-78-2 even
> towards the end of the one year war. Even in the hands of an ace like Char
> the Gelgogg was soundly defeated in one-on-one combat.

Char was distracted by Sayla. Lahlah had to save him then. He was again
distracted when piloting Zeong, which should have finished Gundam. Char
didn't really have a good one to one fight against Amuro until CCA, where he
was finally defeated once and for all.

> I, for one, was really disappointed that Gato did not pilot a
> Perfect Ziongg
> against Kou's RX-78 GP03. NOW that would be a "rematch" I'd want to see!

Why? Zeong works perfectly fine in space without legs. The legs only comes
into play when you want to use it in gravity environments. By the time Gato
was flying Neul Ziel, they were anywhere near gravity.

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