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The Gundam RX78-2 was definately NOT the best MS of it's day. While it was
when when it came out, by the end of the war, a lot of the Jion MS were on
par, if not superior to the Gundam. Also the fact that Amuro never got the
NT-1 Alex means he never got to kick even ass than he did :P

Amuro's piloting ability I think is what keeps him alive..I mean, He was
doing better than Camille with a Rick Dias :)

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> << Amuro and Kou both were piloting the best MS of their era. You think
> wouldn't make a difference?
> Amuro's newtype abilities did NOT manifest / develop themselves when he
> first piloted the Gundam. In their first few encounters Char could not
> Amuro since the Zaku's machine gun was NOT getting thru Gundam's armour
> matter how many hits.
> >>
> True, but in 0083 Kou was going against an equivalent mecha. IN the
> beginning of the Original Series, Amuro fought antiquated, at least in
> regards to the Gundam, Zakus.
> Jason
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