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> > How do you know he wasn't taking drugs in the beginning of the series?
> Are you sure you aren't talking about your own drug use?

Hey, just because it sounds outlandish doesn't mean it's not true...
> > Okay, okay. I'm ribbing you guys. But he is a gawky geek kid. If you
> met
> > someone like him, would you really believe he was a good pilot? Come
on, he
> > doesn't have a lot of confidence to begin with. In real life, a pilot
> > without confidence would end up dead pretty soon.
> Well, I'm just as geeky as Kou, I lack the same amounts of self esteem
> confidence as Kou, and I'm an electromechanical engineer for a major
> manufacturer.

In Gundam, piloting is somewhat of a competition--I don't think your job
pits you in direct competition with any "rival." Plus, your life really
isn't on the line (But I could get electrocuted!), so your example is too
far off to convince me. Plus, are you an expert electromechanical engineer,
or just good?

BTW, when was the last time you met and spoken with decent
> sized group of military pilots? All the ones I game with are just as
geeky as
> I am, but their arrogance at being fighter pilots tends to get them out
> their shells most of the time.
Well, I'll just have to take your word for it, not having met you and all.


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