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> >One thing I'm convinced of is that either Yasuhiro Imagawa (the series
> >director) or Fuyushi Gobu (the series plot) must have read the
> martial arts
> >novels (Wu Xia in Chinese, Bukyou in Japanese) of Hong Kong
> writer Jin Yong.
> While I am not sure if the G Gundam staff drew their inspiration
> from these
> specific sources you've cited, I believe that "Eastern Invincible"
> is a fairly generic title given to martial arts legends/heroes in many HK
> martial arts movies. They were probably influenced by HK martial arts
> movies as a genre rather than raiding specific novels or films for ideas
> and characters. At least this is what I remember from an interview I read
> some years ago.

Hum.... I have read quite a few Wu Xia novels, and the name is actually
quite unique. Granted, there has be several film adoptation of the novel I
listed, so the name would have show up there first, but still, the name
originated in the novel first, and the novel is quite populiar through out

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