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> I do have a many reference books but I cannot interpret the Japanese...
> What are the differences between bits and funnels? Why did the Feds
> stop researching into these type of weapons after 0093?

Bit, is a remote drone controlled by a Newtype pilot via psychowave. It has
onboard nuclear reactor, and makes its debute with Elmeth at the end of OYW.

Funnel is a remote drone controlled by a Newtype pilot via psychowave. It
utilize E-Cap technology, and has a much more limited operational range and
time outside of the base unit. After the energy of a funnel has drained, it
must return to the home unit for recharging. However, the Fin Funnel of
RX93 Nu Gundam is a funnel in name only. Nu Gundam's remote units have
onboard generator with the added function of generating beam barrier.

As for why Federation stop developing these weapons after UC93? Newtype is
still the rarest commodity in the Earth Sphere. They develope Nu Gundam
specifically for the ace pilot Amuro Ray, simply because he is a known
Newtype pilot. Strenghen Human process, which creates Newtype-like ability
on normal pilots has the undesirable of being very uncontrollable and
psychotic. Why spend money into researching weapons that has no users?
After 0093, the only Newtype ace that Federation came across are: Seabook
Arno(F91) and Usso Ebbings (Victory), and both of them are not using Newtype
specific weapon. Zanscare Empire did create some Newtype specific weapons
(more in the spirit of Psycho Gundam, Zanneck is the prime example of
this)and create Incom like weapon for their elite MS in the latter part of
Victory Gundam.

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