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I am currently in the process of watching G Gundam, a fun series that
features the only SD character in Gundam outside of SD Gundam. Mark is
right, once you got pass the fact this is NOT Gundam of UC, and a retro
homage to the Super Robot of the '70s shows, you can really appreciate the

One thing I'm convinced of is that either Yasuhiro Imagawa (the series
director) or Fuyushi Gobu (the series plot) must have read the martial arts
novels (Wu Xia in Chinese, Bukyou in Japanese) of Hong Kong writer Jin Yong.
The character Master Asia's real name (roughly translated as Eastern
Invincible) is taken directly from Jin Yong's novel "The Smiling, Proud
Wanderer". The Master Asia character in that novel is, really different.
After seeing Giant Robo, I didn't expect Imagawa to actually be faithful on
the character he raided from other source. For those of you who is
wondering, the Master Asia character in the source novel is a Martial Artist
whose skill far outdistance everyone else in the novel, and wields only a
sewing needle as weapon. And there isn't a great deal on describing his
martial art moves, since he is a bit too fast for anyone to follow... (And
as the pre-requisite to practicing his particular brand of martial art, self
castration is the first step). The Master Asia in G Gundam, OTOH, is a
powerful old man who only uses his sash clothe as weapon. I too believe
that Imagawa raided Hong Kong movie "Once Upon A Time in China, Part II",
starting Jet Lee for that. In that movie, the main bad guy only uses a
piece of clothe, which he use as a whip, and on several occasions, as a
glaive, like Master Asia.

I believe that Imagawa and crew was working on G Gundam in between Giant
Robo episodes.

Can someone get a break down on who design what Mobile Fighters in G Gundam?
I can see Shenlong Gundam and Deathscathe Gundam of Gundam W getting their
first work out in Dragon Gundam and Master Gundam in G...

As for the infamous Nobel Gundam, once you got past the loony concept, it is
actually a pretty decent Mobile Fighter...

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