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<< Since this battle probably lasted several hours (maybe about two days) that
 may have been a sort of caffeine injection shot, to keep himself alert. So
 yes, he's taking drugs to enhance his performance. Come to think of it, that
 may be the reason why an incompetent like him got so good. No way he had any
 natural talent. But this is just a guess...
 Jojo >>

How come he didnt use them before then during the other battles? The caffine
maybe,but how come we dont see other pilots use them during long battles? The
several battles in the original Gundam and Char's Counterattack were fairly
long and such a caffine injector wasnt shown at all. Newtype or not, Amuro
and Char coundlt have gone that long without something but they didnt use
such a thing.

-even more confused,Bob?

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