Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 12:41:21 -0800

>Too long ago since I have completed the game... I am going to play it
>once again!!
>Thanks Eddie.
>I was wondering in Sham Shi Po (something like that) and spotted a few
>Gundam games
>from Taiwan, there are 2 games which I don't have:
>SD Gundam Wars
>Mobile Suit Gundam: White Base
>However, I did not purchase them since it is stated in the back that they both
>require Japanese Windows... They are from Taiwan, are they fakes??

I think a couple months ago someone posted that he got both games but
couldn't get them to run. He managed to extract some pictures and/or icons
but that's about as far as he got. (Thanks for the pix ;) )

Like manga, Japanese software released in Taiwan are licensed by the Japanese
copyright holder too. If you can read Chinese, they will state "this game
is licensed by the Japanese company xxxxx for sale in the Taiwan market
only..." right on the box. However, these licensed games are translated.
If the ones you see haven't been translated (which seems to be the case since
you said the games require Japanese Windows, not the Mandarin edition) then
it might have been a bootleg.


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