Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 12:36:10 -0800

>Thanks Edward! So with wave 1 and 2, they pretty much cover all the old UC
>BB gundam eh?

Wave 1 was all UC designs. Wave 2 incorporated the non-UC designs from G
Gundam. I think wave 2 was numbered too - from #20 and on. The new MG and
PG parodies aren't numbered, although some do carry the SD G Generation Zero
logo on the box (except for BB#193 GP-01Fb, which was released before Bandai
decided to release the SD G Gen. 0 line).

>Well how about the new ones? (Gouf, Turn A, Gundam Mk4 )

Haven't seen any pictures of them in Hobby Japan or Dengeki Hobby, so you
know as much about them as I do. The only thing I know is that a clear
version of SD Turn A was being offered as this month's contest prize by

>Judging from the price, they will be the old size(5cm) Do you know if they
>come with extra parts, like Gouf become Gouf Fly type?

See above. The Gouf Test Flight Type from 08th MS Team is way different
from the Gouf Custom, so I kind of doubt there will be optional conversion
parts in the kit. Maybe conversion parts for a MS-07B classic Gouf.

>One more little question, can GP01's core fighter removable?

You could build the SD GP-01Fb into a SD GP-01, but the kit does not offer
a Core Fighter II at all.


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