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Fri, 7 Jan 2000 09:36:03 -0800

Thanks Edward! So with wave 1 and 2, they pretty much cover all the old UC
BB gundam eh? Well how about the new ones? (Gouf, Turn A, Gundam Mk4 )
Judging from the price, they will be the old size(5cm) Do you know if they
come with extra parts, like Gouf become Gouf Fly type?

One more little question, can GP01's core fighter removable?


> >Thanks guys for helping me out. I decided to order Bound
> >Dog and the new RX-78 right now.
> Basically there are 3 categories of SD G Generation kits:
> - wave 1
> - wave 2
> - brand new MG/PG parodies
> Wave 1 is #1 - #19, they are reissued kits with extra parts/accesories
> which were not included in the original kit, hence the extra 100 yen in
> cost.
> Wave 2 are the ones from V, F-91, and G series. I believe most of them
> did not offer the kind of "upgrade" designs from Wave 1 had. They are
> really just the same kit in new boxes.
> The brand new MG/PG parodies are the best in the bunch, because they use
> today's technology, whereas the wave 1 and 2 kits were designed years ago
> and aren't mostly molded in the right colors, therefore requiring
> So if you are lazy about painting, the GP-01Fb, Zeta, RX-78-2 (BB #200),
> and the soon-to-be-released GP-02A are recommended over the others.
> Eddie

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