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This is Z's review form a few days ago

MS Era 0099: Mobile Suit Gundam 0001~0080 - The Documentary Photographs of
the One Year War (1999.11.30, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1233-3) 156 pages for

How does it differ from the original 1990 edition? Well, for one thing
it's now in hardcover. It's four pages longer, but those can all be
ascribed to the new prologue and production credits. There is only one new
picture in the entire book, a "photograph" of a girl (supposedly the same
one as in "plates" #51 and #52) standing atop the head of a destroyed and
abandoned Zaku. This illo also graces the front cover.

The new prologue states that this new edition, published in UC 0099, is a
15th anniversary reprint of the original UC 0084 book, which was published
as an authoritative pictorial at that time "due to various pressures
(including the notorious organization, named after the giants that appear
in Greek mythology, that started the coup d'etat in UC 0087)" contrary to
its contributors' wishes.

Except for the slight retouching of one or two of the illustrations,
including the coloring of a couple of formerly B&W pictures, the book is
almost unchanged except for the typography, which is vastly improved for
the chronology but a step in the wrong direction of the captions, and (as
expected) a complete reworking of the English language text.

The content is unchanged, but is now more correct and conversational,
although a few awkward terms and phrases (such as the use of
"anthropomorphus" instead of anthropomorphic) still slipped
through. "Zion" was changed to Zeon, "Duchy" to Principality and the names
of "photographers" have been made consistent (they appeared differently in
three different places in the original) throughout the book. The
"biographies" of the "photographers" have also been fixed -- in the
original, five of the bios were left out due to a layout error. The bios
have also been "updated" to UC 0099 -- one is noted as being missing and
presumed dead following the Fifth Luna drop on Lhasa, Tibet in UC 0093;
another was killed during the "internal struggle of the Federation army" in
UC 0084. I may be adding these people to my own Gundam timeline, just for
the heck of it.

Worth the money? I think so, especially as it's now hardcover and thus a
tad more worthy just for that. Worth getting if you already have the
original? You betcha! If nothing else, it's a lot more comprehensible,
however bogus some of the text may still be. Like the original, I expect
this to be the source of a lot of arguments for some years to come.



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