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>Thanks guys for helping me out. I decided to order from HLJ after finding
>out it carries it. I also want to order some Generation G-zero kits, which
>kits did you gus ordered? I have my eyes on Z-Gundam, Kampfer, Mk-II, Bound
>Dog and the new RX-78 right now.

Basically there are 3 categories of SD G Generation kits:

- wave 1

- wave 2

- brand new MG/PG parodies

Wave 1 is #1 - #19, they are reissued kits with extra parts/accesories
which were not included in the original kit, hence the extra 100 yen in

Wave 2 are the ones from V, F-91, and G series. I believe most of them
did not offer the kind of "upgrade" designs from Wave 1 had. They are
really just the same kit in new boxes.

The brand new MG/PG parodies are the best in the bunch, because they use
today's technology, whereas the wave 1 and 2 kits were designed years ago
and aren't mostly molded in the right colors, therefore requiring painting.

So if you are lazy about painting, the GP-01Fb, Zeta, RX-78-2 (BB #200),
and the soon-to-be-released GP-02A are recommended over the others.


>BTW, how is the new BB Gundam manual? I stopped buying BB after the entire
>line become Musha. Does it still have the comic in the back of the manual?
>I also notice that everybody is very satisfy with their servie. So how long
>did you guys usually waited for your orders?
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