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>Thanks -Z- are the rest of the mechanical sections as good as
>the first three?

#4 covers the Apsaras and the restyled Dopp fighter.
#5 covers the MS-06V Zaku Tank, the Zanzibar, the new Dopp-styled
transport, the new double-rotor assault heli, the Dodai II and the Luggan.
#6 covers characters, not mechanics.
#7 cover the Gaw, Mazella Attack, MS-05 Zaku and MSM-04 Acguy.
#8 covers the RX-79(G) Ez8, Long-Range Beam Rifle, RX-75 Gun Tank, Type 61
Supertank and Core EZ jet-powered Core Booster.
#9 covers the Medea, Gunperry, MS-09 Dom and Apsaras III.
#10 covers the MS-07 B3 Gouf, MS-07 H8 Gouf Flight Type and YMS-14 Gelgoog.
#11 has a complete Staff List, line art of the various locales, photos of
assembled plastic and garage models, LD and CD cover art and a promo for
Last resort, which BETTER show up as 08th MS Team Film Comics #12....

>The Unicode looks fine too... think I'll have to do that for my
>translation page, stead of GIFing everything...

There! You see? I told you so! (^_^);


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