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Paul Fields ponders the Federation uniform situation...

  In original Gundam, the blue and pink uniforms are only for
non-commissioned officers (male and female respectively). Officers' uniforms
are gray or beige, as modeled by Bright Noah and Sreggar Rowe. The main
reason we don't see the colored uniforms in other Gundam series is that the
characters are almost always officers.*

  * Exception: 08th MS Team, where it seems they simply didn't know any

  I've sometimes tried to divine a difference between the gray and beige
officer's uniforms, which I suspect may indicate whether the wearer is part
of the earth or space forces (beige for ground, gray for space), but it just
doesn't seem all that consistent. Line art for the minor Federation
characters in the first episodes of original Gundam indicated that ground
forces don't have the black neck-and-shoulder trim, but I think they ditched
this pretty quickly.

  As for space suits: Federation pilot suits are yellow by default, with
exceptions for flamboyant aces. Federation normal suits - the bulkier space
suits worn by bridge crews and other non-pilots - are white.

-- Mark

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