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>>Justin Palmer asks,
>>> A little bit OT, I know, but can anyone tell me what aniem
>>> Mamoru Nagano has designed mecha for? Thanks!
>> He started off doing some minor mecha props for Vifam, then graduated to
>>chief mecha & character designer on 1984's Heavy Metal L.Gaim. He was
>>heavily involved in Z Gundam, designing the new-look normal suits, the
>>Ahgama, and several mobile suits (including the antennae-less Z Gundam seen
>>in the first opening credits, and a rough design that later became the Type
> Thanks a lot for the info, Mark! I knew I could rely on the
>experts... ^_^

Yeah, I'm really interested in mecha designers and what they have done for
Gundam. Is there an english list out on the net? If not, I wouldn't mind
starting one and putting it up on my site, (I would need some help with the
info though.)

Kunio Okiwara
Mamoru Nagano
Mika Akitaka
Hajime Katoki
Yutaka Izubuchi
Syd Mead
Kazuhisa Kondo

Are these the only mecha designers to have worked on Gundam?


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