Paul Fields (
Wed, 05 Jan 2000 19:06:58 EST

Just a bit of a heads up, I'm trying
to collect the 08th MS team Film Comics
by Neo Comics. Anyhow, the last few
pages of each one breaks down the MS
seen in the comic, or a related series
of MS. I only have the first 3, but
the details are obviously from the
same guys who do the Master Grade kits
I say this because I thought maybe it
was leftover Perfect grade kit art, but
the PG Gundam didn't have any lineart
only photographs... but the details are
like those that would be found in PG

For example, the breakdown of the RX-78
is an artists rendering of the PG Gundam
with lineart of how the arm hatch opens.
It is exactly the same drawing as the MG
kit except this one opens and has thrust
vents inside, the MG lineart shows it in
closed position because the MG kit arm
doesn't open. ;)

Anyhow if anybody knows a reliable source
for these I'd be interested, because the
PG kit which I bought was dissappointing
from the lineart perspective (it has none)
and I haven't translated the text yet. ;)

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