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> Justin Palmer asks,
> > A little bit OT, I know, but can anyone tell me what aniem
> > Mamoru Nagano has designed mecha for? Thanks!
> He started off doing some minor mecha props for Vifam, then graduated to
> chief mecha & character designer on 1984's Heavy Metal L.Gaim. He was
> heavily involved in Z Gundam, designing the new-look normal suits, the
> Ahgama, and several mobile suits (including the antennae-less Z Gundam
> in the first opening credits, and a rough design that later became the
> 100).
> Nagano was originally supposed to do mecha design for ZZ, but after
> turning in his versions of the title Gundam, the Gallus J, the Gaza D, and
> the Hamma Hamma, he was bounced off the series. Only his Endora- and
> Gwanban-class ships made it into the actual series, and these actually
> debuted in Z Gundam anyway.
> This is actually where Mika Akitaka got his big break. Up until then he'd
> been just a member of the freelance studio Shindosha, and his only mecha
> design gig was for the Cruise Chaser Blassty video game. When Nagano was
> dropped as ZZ mecha designer, Sunrise recuited Yutaka Izubuchi to fill the
> gap. Izubuchi ended up doing most of the rough mecha designs, and
> - in particular, Akitaka - did the "cleanup" on Izubuchi's roughs.
> Specifically, Izubuchi roughed out the Bau, R Jarja, Zussa, Dreissen,
> I think the Hamma Hamma as well. Makoto Kobayashi roughed out the final ZZ
> Gundam. Other featured mobile suits were created by hangers-on like the
> Model Graphix staff and Stream Base veterans, or designed by Akitaka
> (the Gaza D and Doven Wolf just _scream_ Akitaka). At any rate, Akitaka
> the final cleaned-up versions of damn near everything in the show.
> Back to Nagano. After ZZ, he proposed designs for Char's Counterattack,
> which were also rejected; no-one's ever seen Nagano's versions, but a
> back he vouched for the never-seen "HIS Gundam" as his all-time favorite
> creation.
> After that, Nagano pretty much stuck to his comics, first Fool For The
> City and then Five Star Stories. He returned to anime with Brain Powerd,
> where he did rough mecha design (cleaned up by Atsushi Shigeta), and is
> starting up this Schell Bullet project. Whew!
> -- Mark
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