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> To which I say "Hey! Wake up and smell the Java!"

Hmm, well I tested your site with and without NJWin, running on Win98 (N.
Am. ed.). Using Opera (my fav) and IE v.5.00.2614.3500 (too lazy to
un-install it). Didn't try Netscape (too lazy to install it). Neither of
them displayed any of the Turn-A, kanas and kanji properly. So more
coffee all around. (the IE managed the double quote and delta, so one up
for MS)

> If your browser doesn't parse therse characters, in which case you'll get
> either a question mark or an empty box where the character should be, then
> you need to consider getting another browser.

Unicode is a good concept, but in terms of compatibility and acceptance,
it's pretty behind. To deal with non-Latin characters, you need something
at the OS level, not the browser level (unless you buy into the prediction
that browser will merge into the OS). NJWin is a good product because
it's an extension to the OS, not a browser plug-in (meaning it works (to
some extent) on Notepad, MS Office etc). Unless MS supports Unicode in
some future OS (Win2k? Win2k+1?) or a shareware extension (like NJWin)
comes along, it will be uphill all the way for Unicode. [The Apple OS
uses Unicode right?]

Newtype Asylum uses Big5 (Chinese and kanas) on some pages, and S-JIS
(Japanese) on some others, so it's a mess. Mainland China is pretty
entrenched with GB encoding, Taiwan, HK and the rest of Chinese world is
sticking with Big5. Recently I read that S-JIS is a MS bastardization of
JIS, and is loathed by Japanese scholars. But it's overrunning the older
more robust encoding because of Win9x/J, is that true?

Honestly I haven't paid much attention to Unicode recently. My hunch is,
as far as East Asia is concerned, it will be far more expensive to convert
to Unicode than to fix the Y2K bug.

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