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>> I'm willing to buy the idea that the GM Quell was the Titan's first
step on
>> the road toward the Mk.II, but a prototype of it? No way!
>> Remember, to the Japanese, a prototype isn't just a testbed or forerunner
>> of a production model, it's an archetype embodying the ultimate vision of
>> everything the machine can do, from which a lesser, cheaper production
>> model is derived.
>I disagree. I work as an engineer for a Japanese manufacturer of
>semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The Japanese philosophy of design is
>to build a better product to meet (or just get under) the standard, unlike
>the US's philosophy of building more options for a known good product until
>the standard for that product gets pushed up a notch and customers start to
>complain or go elsewhere.

A hasty and unfortunate generalization on my part. Hasty generalizations
and other unqualified statements are almost always unfortunate. (^_^);

Please allow me to amend my premise by replacing "to the Japanese" with "as
hitherto seen in the Gundam anime"....


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