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> I'm willing to buy the idea that the GM Quell was the Titan's first step on
> the road toward the Mk.II, but a prototype of it? No way!
> Remember, to the Japanese, a prototype isn't just a testbed or forerunner
> of a production model, it's an archetype embodying the ultimate vision of
> everything the machine can do, from which a lesser, cheaper production
> model is derived.

I disagree. I work as an engineer for a Japanese manufacturer of
semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The Japanese philosophy of design is
to build a better product to meet (or just get under) the standard, unlike
the US's philosophy of building more options for a known good product until
the standard for that product gets pushed up a notch and customers start to
complain or go elsewhere.

Which brings us to the possible design lineage where the Gundam Alex leads to
the GM Custom which in turn leads to the GM Quell and eventually to the
Gundam MkII. Even though this is a retcon solution, it does fit in with the
overall feel of the Gundam saga (from my point of view, anyway). The big
debate has always been as to what makes a Gundam a Gundam. We can all pretty
much agree that GMs are mass produced, down graded Gundams. We can also all
agree that the Gundam MkII is a limited production advanced Gundam. So, with
the GM Custom leading to a more advanced GM Quell (based on the technology
available during the second Gundam Project), and the GM Custom obviously (yet
never stated to be) based on the Gundam Alex (which is an advanced Gundam to
begin with), one can draw the conclusion that the Gundam MkII was indeed
built as an upgraded GM Quell. And being an upgraded GM would in fact make
the MkII a Gundam, since GM's are down grade Gundams to begin with.

So, I can see the logic in the claiming this line of thought for the MkII's


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