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>From: "Eiji Hayashi" <>
> There are many variations of the Z Plus. Most are superior to the Zeta
> Gundam atleast in one category. The reason why it looks different cause its
> Katoki Hajime design as oppose to Yutaka Izubuchi's original Zeta design
> (however I don't really think it looks "better").

Primary design work on the original Zeta was by Kazumi Fujita.

>> one last thing about the ZZ, in Gundam Battle Master, the ZZ has an I Field
>>when you put it on defensive mode. In the anime, does the ZZ have an I
>>too ? In GBM II, what is that super weapon it uses? Is it related to what
>>Sazabi uses?
> not that I know of. Its funny cause in the Super Robot War F game, the ZZ
> has a beam coating (like the L'Gaim) but no I field. I assume you're talking
> about the Hi-Mega cannon of the ZZ. Its only similar to the Sazabi's mega
> scattering cannon in that it uses mega beam technology. Other than that, its
> pretty much a different weapon.

Judau generates a Newtype barrier many times over the course of Gundam ZZ.
Could this be the 'i-field' you refer to?

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