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>Subject: [gundam] Zeta or ZetaPlus? ZZ og FAZZ ?
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>Just wanna ask...
>WHich do you prefer, Zeta or the Zetaplus C1 ?
>Is the Zplus better than the Zeta? It looks more nastier and more equipped.

There are many variations of the Z Plus. Most are superior to the Zeta
Gundam atleast in one category. The reason why it looks different cause its
Katoki Hajime design as oppose to Yutaka Izubuchi's original Zeta design
(however I don't really think it looks "better"). The later versions has
significantly better performance in atmosphere and generally better
firepower than the original. However, atleast the earlier models is not
capable of atmospheric re-entry.

>Is it equipped with a biosensor? And his main armament, is it a beam
>Hyper MegaLauncher or just an artillery cannon ?

no biosensor on any of the models that I know of. The ZPlus don't use beam
rifles, atleast not as standard equipment. Instead, they have two hip
mounted beam cannons much like the F91's VSBRs. However, the beam cannons
are almost triple the power output of the original Zeta Gundam's beam rifle
(14 MW). The models after C1 uses a beam smartgun as optional equipment,
comparable to the Zeta Gundam's mega beam launcher in power (50 MW).

>And what of the FAZZ and the ZZ ?
>Which is stronger and more powerful?
>And it's main weapon, that huge gun, is that a beam weapon or just an
>artillery gun? It seems to load artillery shells...

The FAZZ apparently precedes the ZZ. Its armor is inferior but has alot more
of it, however it lacks the ZZ's versatility since it can't separate or
transform. I also don't believe it has a core block system, and its weapons
are more limited. It's missing the ZZ's missiles. That big gun that the FAZZ
carries is called the hyper mega cannon. Its similar to the ZZ Gundam's head
mounted Hi-Mega cannon in power output (79.8 MW) (the FAZZ's own Hi Mega
cannon on the head is a fake) though its a heck of alot more cumbersome, but
can probably fire a bit more often.

ne last thing about the ZZ, in Gundam Battle Master, the ZZ has an I Field
>when you put it on defensive mode. In the anime, does the ZZ have an I
>too ? In GBM II, what is that super weapon it uses? Is it related to what
>Sazabi uses?

not that I know of. Its funny cause in the Super Robot War F game, the ZZ
has a beam coating (like the L'Gaim) but no I field. I assume you're talking
about the Hi-Mega cannon of the ZZ. Its only similar to the Sazabi's mega
scattering cannon in that it uses mega beam technology. Other than that, its
pretty much a different weapon.
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