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The PSX version of Giren's Greed now has a February 2000 release date.
The game will ship on 2 game discs and retails at the usual Bandai
inflated price of 6800yen.

Bandai is now committed to marketing this game with the title 'Zeon no
Keifu'* They consider this to be a completely new game with all new
upgraded features and not just a port of the Sega Saturn game.

= *'The Zeon Lineage'
'Lineage' is technically not correct and I don't know if this is going
to be the official translated title on the PSX game cover. Keifu = is
an unusual word which doesn't seem to have an unique definition and
basically refers to lineage, pedigree, genealogy, however each of these
three words have separate Japanese terms.

Full official title
Kidou Senshi Gundam - Giren no Yabou - Zeon no Keifu
Mobile Suit Gundam - Giren's Greed - The Zeon Lineage*

You can check out the screenshots and some pics of the alternate Zeon MS
variations at the following site: Bandai - 'Zeon no Keifu' Info site
NB: Bandai themselves are still using 'Zion' for the URL : )

The game includes the full OYW storylines 0079, MSV, MSX, Gaiden,
08thMS, 0080, 0083. Over 40min of FMV, over 400 full voice events, over
120 characters, construct over 250 MS types...

For those people who play imports using the external mod device, I just
hope the game lets you save at the end of disc 1 and then start up
independently from disc 2.


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