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Trent writes,

>In that movie guide of the DVD 0080 vol. 2:

  These dates all match the B-CLUB Visual Comic and the
Shindosha-provided timeline in the new Gundam 2000 calendar. So yeah, we
have a consensus. Nice that they listed the days of the week, too!

>9/12 0079 is the "sun" (sorry all, I don't know what the Japanese
>"week" system is)
>When the "cyclops" raided the north pole base.

  That's nichiyobi (Sunday), which means they drew the same conclusions
about days of the week that I did. Yay!

>10/12 0079 is the "moon"
>The shuttle was on the way to side 6

  This is getsuyobi (Monday).

>12/12 0079 is "water"
>Alfred was looking for a picture of a Fed MS/the cargo arrived

  Suiyobi (Wednesday).

>14/12 0079 is "gold"
>Bernny arrived at Granada
>15:30 he joined the "cyclops"
>23:00 operation Rubicon begins

  This is kinyobi (Friday). Al falls asleep in the Zaku's cockpit that
night, but it doesn't matter that he oversleeps, 'cause the next day
isn't a schoolday...

Joshua asks,

>Hmmm, sorry, not that I mean to spoil anyone's fun, but I can't help but
>wonder why is there an ongoing preoccupation with relating the UC timeline
>with the Gregorian calendar? Is it something out of the creator's original

  Certainly not - in fact, creator Tomino seems to have nothing but
contempt for this sort of fannish nitpicking. :-)

  There's really no good reason to want to know this - the whole point of
adopting a new calendar was to avoid pinning the story down to a specific
calendar year. But it's amusing to speculate, since we have enough info
to narrow the options down a bit, and the days of the week thing is
actually kinda cool.

  Hm... so September 18, the date of the Zeon raid on Side 7, is a
Tuesday. Why isn't Amuro in school?

-- Mark

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