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In that movie guide of the DVD 0080 vol. 2:
9/12 0079 is the "sun" (sorry all, I don't know what the Japanese
"week" system is)
When the "cyclops" raided the north pole base.
10/12 0079 is the "moon"
The shuttle was on the way to side 6
12/12 0079 is "water"
Alfred was looking for a picture of a Fed MS/the cargo arrived
14/12 0079 is "gold"
Bernny arrived at Granada
15:30 he joined the "cyclops"
23:00 operation Rubicon begins

Can someone please confirm this? According to Mark, 14/12 is a friday
and hence "gold" means friday? "earth" is a saturday and "sun" is a
sunday? I think/hope this is the same source as Mark's.

Thank you in advance.

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