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>Can anyone explain what the storyline of Gundam Battle Master I & II for the
Like G, GBM is a alternate timeline in which MS's are used to do battle with
each other and not much else.

>And in GBM II, who piloted that Hydra Gundam? It looks like an older version
>of the my characters' companion...

All these characters are made up for this game, since I don't know japanese, I
figure he's a captive of the main character since he's handcuffed and all

>Lastly, I've never seen the Psycho Gundam Mark III on any gundam book or in
>Zeta MS Variations... did it just come out on this game? Who made the MS
>designs in this game?
If you beat the game it mentions the one and only Kunio Okowara in the credits
for the work on Mk. III and to my know ledge yes, it was made for GBM

- Roger

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