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>Anyone know anything about the time differences in the Gundam world?
>I know for a fact (from my lovely 2 layed DVD - hint: don't buy with
>DV-1, DVL-9 or DV-F21.) that there is a difference of 5-6 hours between
>side 6 and Grandai (spelt? The moon city).

That's a new one on me. I was given to understand that all of the space
colonies ran on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is Greenwich
Meridian Time (GMT) adjusted to the equator. The colonies have no
day/night cycle other than the one that they choose, because (barring
eclipses) they're in perpetual sunlight and create artificial night by
deflecting the mirrors that reflect sunlight into the colony.

Granada, however, isn't a space colony. It's a lunar colony and it's also
on the far side of the Moon. It gets about 15 days of sunlight and 15 days
of darkness, but it's mostly underground and, like the space colonies, can
keep whatever hours the colonists choose.

The only time differential of any consequence is the light speed lag. It
takes a second and a half for light (or radio) to travel from Earth to the
Moon and the colonies in lunar orbit at L3, L4 and L5. It takes just a
little over a second from Earth to L1 and nearly two seconds between L3, L4
and L5, which are spaced equidistantly around lunar orbit. This time lag
could cause the clocks to drift a little, but nowhere near five or six
hours worth.

One possibility is that either the Side 6 space colony in question (not the
entire Side) or the Granada lunar colony chose to keep the same time as the
Terrestrial point of origin of the majority of the inhabitants, putting
them out of synch with the rest of the colonies.

If the colonies as a whole use UTC, then the inhabitants of the colony
that's out of synch would've come from either West-Central Asia (5-6 hours
ahead) or Mid-America (5-6 hours behind), so they're probably either
Russian or American.


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