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On 29 Dec 99, at 12:44, Roland Thigpen wrote:

> You know, I'm growing tired of this. Neither of us is going to
> convince the other of his side it seems. If I was Char, I would go to
> war over it, but I prefer Amuro's approach more, so I will only
> comment on a couple things, and then drop this thread.

Sure. It's not my intention to change people's opinion. I jumped in
because I saw a lot of factual errors being tossed around as fact. I
think I cleared most of them up.
> Thigpen wrote: > >Not "passport". You only need passport/visa at
> border. The >difference is that people need the explicit premission
> to stay on >Earth, as well as entering Earth. That premission is not
> for life, and >will be reviewed when you change job or retire. Or you
> can be >deported just because federation lowered the population quota.
> Tell >me which nation does that today. >
> Uh, the US? Ever hear of a Green Card?
Had one for a few years. Once you got it, it is for life. It's not
subject to review when you change job or retire. You used the term
"passport". Even if you change the word now to "visa", which Green
Card is, than visa holders are still a very small precentage of U.S.
population and almost all nations today. Which nation is made up
entirely with work visa holders with no people holding citizenship?
> >So who is the majority here?
> Have you ever heard of guerrila underground movements? You argued
> earlier about the small percentage hindering the efforts of the
> larger. I argue the same here. It did not have to be the entire

Wasn't me. I think it's Tomonaga. Of course, the point is moot now.

> populations of the colonies on the Jion's side for what you stated
> above to work. Ask civil rights movements people here in America, or
> the guerilla soldiers of Vietnam or numerous other countries

Or put it another way, what's the precentage of opposititon to it when
U.S. withdraw from Vietnam war. And applies it to all the sides that
refuse to use colony laser to save Earth for fear of "internal strifle".

> throughout the world. Give me some firm figures on how much of th
> population of each colony actually supported Char and I will concede
> this point.

Well, we will never have that figure. But that's not the point. Neil
argued that spacenoids support for Jion is "apathy at best". I think
those quote demostrate otherwise. Now, Tomino is not going to
release the poll result for all colonies. So we will never have
"beyond reasonable doubt" proof. But I do think I have the
"preponderance of evidence" on my side.

> Like I said before though, we are never going to convince each other
> of our points of view, and this debate has gone on long enough and
> taken up enough space in my email storage space (yes, I am keeping the
> emails related to this most interesting debate). I propose we agree to
> disagree on this, and go on to other debates.

Good partice. I do that so, too. Especially my own. In fact,
because of a bitter experience in another discussion about CCA,
amost 10 years ago.

Jim Huang

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