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1, What is a MUSH? I tried searching but it just gave me more
MUSH...... MUDs popped up as well, what are they?
2, Anyone know any "cheats" for G Century? I found a few sites which
had some, but are now off-line. It is a old game after all.
3, Are they many people on this ML who have played GundamCentury (TC
for starcraft)? Shall we make some kind of a clan or tournaments when
our hero (Mr. Ng) release the final version? I am no good with webpages
et al. but seeing that we are a close family (^_^) and we do get in
touch with other players on this MLwith ease. Just a thought......
4, I am very disappointed with the absence of Wing-0 in G
Generation-0. Sorry this is just a fact the upsets me so much.
5, Where did Chris go after 0080? I knew she went to Earth (and gave
Al a kiss!!). I strongly recommand those who have a zone 2 DVD player
to get the 0080 DVDs, the dubs are much better ^_^. It made me cry at
the end...... (remember the bit when Al said "I love you" to Bernny?)
6, Is there any translation for the G20 magazines??
7, Ideas for new series:
I think it should be something about Fed/GM or Zion/Zaku pilots with bit
of "I-will-save-you-darling" style.
Fill in the gaps (again), espically V Gundam or anything after F91.

Thank you for reading this long crap.

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