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>ah, but you're not foolish like me! good thing i
>didn't try painting my valkyrie with needle thin

        (abashed look) I did. =)

>citadel has white and black primer in spray cans
>(expensive though). they only have that white "smelly
>primer" in small bottles.

        Precisely the reason why I don't spray prime -- too expensive. FYI,
Smelly Primer is the same stuff they dump into the spray.

>i'm following (for the first time) the gp01 color
>scheme. so the shield is blue and white. my white
>and blue paints are kinda thin (with all the glop on
>the bottom of the bottle...shaking makes little

        Sounds like you need to get a rod and stir the pot. I had the
problem with my metallic gold too. Which blue? They tend to be pretty okay.

>>you must be patient!
>oy. i was in a hurry to finish.

        I've ruined too many miniatures being in a hurry -- take your time..

>my skull white is actually very thin. one of my neglected colors.

        If I'm working with white -- which I do, a lot -- I'll put smelly
primer first, and only Skull White when I'm absolutely, postively sure that
I don't need to recoat the white again. The reason is that Skull White is
slightly glossy, and other colours don't really go on top of it well.. at
least, for mine.

>well...not slapping on, but more of twirling a glop of paint

        That's the problem then. I had this problem with a tank of mine, and
I resolved it by getting a penknife, scrapping the offending portion off,
and recoating. Took me a darn long time too.

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