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>more questions on the fly:
>i undercoated the whole thing with citadel's "boltgun metal" (maybe gun
>metal for other paint brands?), and used ink wash (of the appropriate colors)
>instead of paint, to try that faded look.

        Actually, when you work with Citadel metallic paints, it's a good
idea to use a black undercoat first. This should take care of your "waxed
MS" look.

>if i had used paint, and not ink wash, to paint over
>the metal coating, the color would have painted over
>the undercoat completely, no?

        No, not necessarily. Of course, if you put on a whole coat of paint,
the undercoat will be covered! But if you dilute the paint, then apply over
the area and wipe off *almost* immediately, you can get a water-stained
effect -- but you have to be very careful with this, and I don't really
recommend it.

> and if i chip off the paint overcoat to reveal the
>metal that how weathering is done? but
>won't the metal coating underneath chip off too?

        When I do my weathering on my tanks, I'll paint the tank up, then
weather it with brown paint (to simulate dust -- I don't work with sprays)
and if I want chipped metal, I'll just paint the area black, coat it with
boltgun metal, and get the chipped effect. Fairly effective.

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